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Child Safeguarding Policy

Child Safeguarding Policy 

Formulation date: September 16, 2021

Revision Date:October 19, 2021

Representative name: Yumemi Hasekura 

1. 1. Purpose of this policy

  • This policy emphasizes special protection requirements for children while paying attention to the vulnerable position peculiar to the children as our beneficiaries, and specifies the  importance of preventing all forms of sexual exploitations, abuses and other forms of violence and harm.
  • This policy applies equally to all support programs implemented by this corporation.
  • We do not tolerate abusing our power, status, or trust in our position for sexual or other exploitative purposes, and we will not allow any breach of this policy by our staff or business associates, regarding violence or abuse (including sexual exploitation and abuse) of children and youth.
  • We will take necessary action for the cases of notified or suspected abuse. Dealing with these cases, we will give the top priority to the interests of those child or adult survivors.
  • We will continue to improve our commitment to safeguarding to prevent sexual exploitation, abuse and other forms of violence and harm.


2. Scope of this policy

This policy applies to the following people:

  • Corporate officers and staff: Corporate staff, Full-time staff, part-time staff, etc. Refer to the person employed by this corporation under any types of contracts.
  • Other related parties of this corporation: Volunteers, internships, advisors, etc. who are involved in activities using the name of this corporation.
  • Partner institutions or partners who have an official contractual relationship with us: Individuals and groups, external organizations, affiliated organizations, and their officers, staff and volunteers who have an official contractual relationship with us through activities including contact with children. However, this policy does not apply if those organizations have their own guidelines for safeguarding or protecting children and have officially agreed to comply with them.
  • Other organizations and their related people and individuals who have relation to the activities of us: Refers to all organizations and related persons and individuals, who have relation to our activities such as donors, journalists, celebrities, politicians, etc.

* Please be aware that this policy applies when donors, journalists, celebrities, politicians, and other people visit our activities and offices and interact with children.

Anybody mentioned above must act in accordance with this policy when engaging directly or indirectly with children, both publicly and privately, whether during business hours or not.

In this policy, the peoples above are referred to as “related parties” below.

3. 3. Definition of terms in this policy

“Children” in this policy refers to all persons under the age of 18 and the age group of the beneficiaries of us, young people (15 to 24 years old).

* The beneficiaries of us are individuals, communities, and organizations that directly or indirectly benefit from the support business of this corporation, regardless of whether they are targeted or not.

4. Principle

4-1. About local activities

  • In order to protect children’s personal information, the real names, areas of residence, ages, and school names of support candidates and beneficiaries cannot be disclosed to third parties.It is only allowed to post or use the background story of the children, the name of the support project, the photography or the video, for the public relations activities or on the personal social media, when their parents or the person in charge of the school to which they are supported give the written permissions. 
  • As much as possible, staff from each site of the same sex as the child will conduct the initial interviews for selecting a child to deliver support and monthly follow-up (monitoring).
  • Children’s photos used by our public relations activities may only be used with the written permission of the parent or the person in charge of the school to which they are supported.

4-2. About visiting the activity site

  • Related parties are able to visit the local site, Sierra Leone, and actually meet with the supporting children. However, in this case, our staff will accompany and visit with those related parties, and also design the place of visiting or meeting. If any act against the above is discovered, such as visiting a child or visiting an activity site without prior notice, we will take strict measures such as canceling the contract and other relationships with us.
  • Taking photography of children is prohibited without prior consent, except when used by our public relations activities.
  • When related parties take pictures with or of the children with a camera with GPS function such as a smartphone, the location information of the shooting location is recorded in the picture data. Therefore, when posting photos on social media or blogs, be sure to delete the location information that can identify the shooting location. Otherwise, please disable the location information setting during your visit.

In addition, photos with the following information cannot be posted.

  • Uniform or gym clothes with school names or school emblems
  • Signs that show the names of villages, communities or school
  • Other information that can identify the area or individual

Please be aware that even following above, it is also needed to comply with “5-2. Use of social media”.

  •  In principle, local staff will conduct interviews before starting support and visit children’s homes monthly.
  • Staff, volunteers, donors and other related parties other than local staff are not allowed to visit children’s homes in consideration of the safety of protecting children from the community.
  • Related parties cannot send personal gifts or additional assistance to children.

4-3. Our organization’’s response when child abuse or exploitation is suspected

  • If child abuse or exploitation is suspected, our staff will take appropriate measures in accordance with the prescribed procedures.
  • We keep the information we are aware of about child abuse and exploitation confidential. We will convey the information only with the staff who must be reported.
  • The person who reports a suspicious case of abuse or exploitation will not be punished, even if it is determined that it does not fall under abuse after investigation. However, when we find that the report was intentionally malicious, we will take strict measures.
  • Any related parties suspected of child abuse or exploitation will suspend their involvement with us from that time. After that, if the fact of abuse becomes revealed, we will promptly remove or suspend all relationships such as employment, contract, monthly donation registration, and take appropriate legal measures. If a partner agency or contractor suspects child abuse or exploitation, it can lead to situations that include termination of contracts or partnerships. In some cases, we will contact the authorities and comply with appropriate legal measures.

5. Guidelines for the activities of this corporation

 General rules

5-1. About the interview / report in the media

It is only allowed to post or use the background story of the children, the name of the support project, or the photography or the video in the interview and the report of the news program or the radio, when their parents or the person in charge of the school to which they are supported give the written permissions. However, even in this case,  the children’s real name, area of ​​residence, age, and school name cannot be disclosed.

5-1. About the use of social media

This item applies to all parties concerned.

It is only allowed to post or use the background story of the children, the name of the support project, the photography or the video on the blog, SNS, printed matter, etc., when their parents or the person in charge of the school to which they are supported give the written permissions. However, even in this case,  the children’s real name, area of ​​residence, age, and school name cannot be disclosed.

5-2. About interaction between dream supporters and children

This item applies only to donors who donates with the system that allows them to send support to and interact with one specific child each month. This donor will be referred to as “Dream Supporters” below.

  • Dream Supporters are the only donors to disclose children’s real name, birthday, religion, school name, and the background story.
  • Dream supporters and children cannot directly communicate with each other via email or SNS, etc.
  • Dream supporters and children can exchange letters once every six months. However, Dream Supporters and local parents / children are not allowed to disclose contact information to each other (address, contact information, SNS information, etc.).
  • The contents of the letter should be read by our staff and confirm that any of the problematic contents are not included, such as the suggestion of additional personal support, introducing specific political policy or religion, racial or sexist content, etc.

This policy will be reviewed and revised on a regular basis in light of international standards.

We appreciate everyone’s understanding and cooperation in order to protect the personal information and human rights of children.

The local collaborative organization when the child abuses (including sexual abuses) are reported

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